Silent Hill 3D Heather (Adelaide Clemens) Movie Costumes

Prepare For A 3D Ride Through Hell

From “Silent Hill: Revelation” (2012) this is the full costume includes seven pieces that were worn throughout the film by the character of Heather (Adelaide Clemens). It is unusual that a character wearing only one outfits throughout a film, so this has even greater value. It reminds us that she, like all the people who populate this atmospheric thriller are trapped in their own past, promises, responsibilities, and unfulfilled destiny. In fact, at one point a high school classmate remarks that she must by her clothes at the “Good Will”. Heather is indeed a character in search of roots, of home, and most important of truth of her past, and her outfit reflects this. The vest she wears has great significance to her, since it is given to her by her father on her birthday, but has even great symbolic meaning to her. This hero screen-worn ensemble includes the red and black plaid with army green under coat 'Talula' jacket, (size XS) worn from production white leather 'Danier' vest, (size 2XS) red with glitter zip up the front hooded thin sweater, purple and silver floral print sleeveless top, worn from production white with frayed collar 'Frafalure' tank top, (size M) dark purple rubber like stretch skirt, and dark purple 'Lululemon' athletic pants. (Size 4) Includes wardrobe tag.

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