Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of Authenticity does Premiere Props guarantee?
Each collectible includes a certificate of authenticity from Premiere Props to ensure the integrity of each item. See our Movie Props Authenticity section for more information.

What is the difference between the costumes sold by Premiere Props and other costume websites?
If you're looking for a costume replica, masquerade outfit or a Halloween Costume then have a look at Scavenge Costumes' huge variety of costumes available for order online. All of Premiere Props costumes that come direct from the set of production will come to you with a Certificate of Authenticity. In many cases, authentic, screen used and worn costumes come with a wardrobe tag, direct from the costume department of the production.

Does Premiere Props ship orders internationally?
We ship all over the world. Shipments are picked up daily at our processing center in El Segundo, California exclusively by Fed Ex.

What payment methods does Premiere Props accept?
Credit Card (Visa / MasterCard / Discover / American Express), and PayPal (Sorry - NO C.O.D.s).

How does Premiere Props obtain movie props and wardrobe?
Premiere Props deals directly with the movie studios and production companies. Our staff are sent to movie sets to inventory the various props and prepare them for shipping to our warehouses. Once shipped, the props are catalogued, photographed and ready for sale.

Why does Premiere Props sometimes offer more than one of the same item for sale?
Premiere Props authentic memorabilia consists of original props, wardrobes and set pieces created exclusively for entertainment purposes. Due to production requirements, there may be multiple versions produced of any given item in a movie, television show or other media. An example of this can be seen with the vest worn in The Punisher. Throughout the film, The Punisher may look like he is always wearing the same vest but behind the scenes there were several versions created. These slightly different versions were worn for different scenes filmed at different times. One version needed to be clean, another ripped up and even one custom created with fake blood stains included!

How does Premiere Props know that a certain actor wore a certain article of clothing?
Premiere Props works with major studios and production companies in the distribution of props and wardrobe. During a production, the production company and movie studios may tag wardrobe with the names of the characters that wore them. These tags are usually safety-pinned or sewn inside the wardrobe. If wardrobe is not tagged, the studios separate and organize the actorsí wardrobe into individually marked boxes. The staff of Premiere Props watch each film numerous times, matching the article of clothing with the scene in which it was featured.