Silent Hill 3D Harry (Sean Bean) Movie Costumes

Prepare For A 3D Ride Through Hell

This “Silent Hill: Revelation 3D” (2012)’s costume is extremely rare in that as with all the character outfits in the movie, there is only one main outfit , with no other costume changes. This is the actual screen-worn hero outfit worn by Harry (Sean Bean, “Lord of the Rings” 2001). Created by “Silent Hill’s” costume designer Wendy Partridge her multi-layered monochromatic outfits created a sense of characters wrapped up in their own cocoon of guilt and responsibility. The costume includes a long sleeve zipper up 'Guess' hooded sweater, (size L) faded blue with dark blue stitching snap front 'Guess' shirt, (size L) and worn for production 'Dockers' navy blue pants. (Size 34 x 32) Includes wardrobe tag.

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